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Distribution Products

In today's world, planning, adjusting and choosing the right way to distribute and sell goods is one of the key decisions of organizations to achieve their short-term and long-term goals. The proper distribution method from the viewpoint of the experts is a method that, in addition to increasing market share, price stability and proper management of liquidity, will also result.

The company has also been active in the field of oversight, security and protection systems, and is one of the largest and most complete system providers in the country.

The high volume of information available on sales networks and capillary distribution due to the large number of customers and the need for analyzing and analyzing information for proper planning and strategic decision making, has led the company to be free from the high costs of the best and most complete Comprehensive sales and distribution software available to meet your goals.

Solution Provider

The importance of the use of CCTV in the crime and find the perpetrators determined and if there is a video surveillance system suitable systematically designed and installed many benefits to protect assets, the safe and effective management of home Will have a job The company has reviewed the following issues:

Military security environments: With regard to ammunition, logistics equipment, the proper functioning of the force, the necessity of using video surveillance systems and the importance of monitoring military and security environments is increasing.

The leading company in the integrated security surveillance system can provide the best advice for military and security environments.

Hospitals and Health Centers: Hospitals and health centers, due to the presence of various drugs and equipment, the control of the arrival and departure of visitors to these places, the arrival and departure of warehouses, the safety of patients and personnel against various incidents and other cases, the need to use Surveillance cameras for precise control of hospitals and treatment centers.

Organizational and administrative contexts: Typically, employers and managers to evaluate the performance of employees, the clients, monitoring sensitive places organizations, increase customer satisfaction and reduce data theft or sabotage, followed by CCTV brands are suggestive of quality High up.


Using a variety of installation systems for CCTV cameras, such as analog, digital or hybrid, as well as intelligent systems, can meet any needs that, of course, under different environmental conditions, choose the best solution for Creating a platform for image transfer and saving them, in addition to saving project implementation costs, can greatly increase the useful life of the system.

The Sanat Amn company in this area can help you: Installation of network cameras (IP) Installation of analog cameras Installation of image recording devices (DVR / NVR) Set up and configure the image capture software for network cameras (NVR Server)